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Overseas Member Order

State may distribution
Asia, Oceania, Europe, the United States and Canada, Central and South America, Africa.

Website Shopping Process & Foreign buyers before purchase Notes

Simple and secure shopping process. Members need to join can be ordered. So you can easily enjoy the convenience of shopping abroad.

  • Login > Buy favorite products > Checkout ( Choose to send abroad ) > HOT HEART ship notices > Receipt of goods。
  • Provide payment PAYPAL / credit card payment
  • After a successful check your balance, within 3 days for you to send your items.
  • While shipments will notify E-MAIL way to ship, along with the parcel number for queries, because it required different distribution points throughout the working day, so the time required for the delivery arrives, you can also to SF and China Post EMS query
  • From time to time due to various shipping companies will calculate the shipping cost way of adjustment, so the actual shipping costs will be displayed in the main checkout, and countries import tariffs different standards, your country would like to receive the goods if the tariff collection bag, buyers need pay for their own.
  • If the goods in case of emergency situation, you can not be sent within the time listed above, it will certainly advance notice.

Overseas transportation methods & Shipment
  • Hong Kong & Macao has SFExpress send freight NTD.250.
  • Asia has SFExpress send freight NTD.500
  • Europe, America and other areas have been China Post EMS International Express shipping, freight NTD.1200.

Overseas Shopping Offer

Where an Hong Kong & Macao overseas shopping single spending NT $ 4000 with free shipping.

Where an Asia overseas shopping single spending NT $ 7000 with free shipping.

Where an Europe, America and other areas overseas shopping single spending NT $ 9000 with free shipping.

Foreign members return instructions
Due to the return of foreign complicated procedures and expensive postage, so HOT HEART foreign members did not provide return / replacement service.
Please for the purchase of goods, after carefully check the merchandise, then checkout line, it will not cause you trouble, a lot of understanding also invited foreign members.